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Stayed tuned to this page for the latest updates on future works by K.C. Finn. Below are her other current novels:

FUTURE NOVEL: The Book of Shade

Coming Christmas 2013

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The Secret Star

A time-travel adventure with a dash of romance.


In London, 1969, Jeffrey Mercier is just an ageing department store clerk with a long buried secret and a distant memory of a lost love, but when he is suddenly shanghaied by a woman who claims that she can travel in time, his dismal days in menswear are finally cut short. Jeff steps out of his timeline and into a whole new world of possibility and adventure, only to find that he is once again the automaton employee of yet another large corporation: The Time Agency. It has become his duty to protect the people of the future from the threats of their past. 

Under the guidance of the struggling captain Marie-Elizabeth Giraud, Jeff learns that he has more in common with his fellow time traveller than he knows. As the adventurers exchange their tales of life and romance in times gone by, their popularity slowly grows in the media-mad atmosphere of the 27th century and Jeff discovers more about his past than he ever thought possible. But all is not well in the timeline, and these intrepid time agents are about to find themselves at the centre of a disaster that could destroy the universe, perhaps even time itself.

Review Excerpts:

I simply don't possess the finesse and subtly to describe the plot twists that comprise the second half of the book without completely spoiling the finely wrapped package that Finn has created. - Shannon Maechling, 5 stars

Some of the most creative writing I have ever seen. This story rips you from one surprise to another until the fantastic twist at the end. The writing is beautiful, eloquent- this is a book you will escape into and hate to leave. - Amy Freeman, author of SHINE: The Knowing Ones, 5 stars

I don't think I'll ever quite get over this book. It'll take a lot of one-night-stands with other books for me to ever forget about this one, and I mean a lot. I recommend this book 100/100, A+, 5/5 stars. 10/10 would bang.  - Kameron Mitchell of Grown Up Fangirl Blog, 5 stars

I found the author has a smooth way of writing. I really liked Mr Mercy & his friends! I don't want to give any spoilers out, so I will just say, when you purchase this book, it will be one huge Sci-fi mysterious adventure with a little romance & a little spice. - Terri Berg, 5 stars

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