Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Brand New Book from K.C. Finn - THE SECRET STAR - Coming Soon!

A little teaser for you all for now. Publication expected before September!

I am looking for anyone who would like to review/comment on an Advanced Preview Copy of the text. If you are interested please comment below!


  1. I am currently working on "The Atomic Circus", and will be ready with a review when I get back middle of August. So I would love to follow-up with another of you novels. :D



    1. That's a lovely compliment that you'd like to read more of my stuff Donna! Thank you so much. Well my policy is that in exchange for reviews you can have whatever you want, so if you'd like to read this, or Counterclockwise that follows on from The Atomic Circus (or indeed both) then you're more than welcome. Just let me know what you'd prefer.

  2. I saw on Goodreads-Making Connections ( that there is going to be a Book Blitz for The Secret Star running from 8/27 to 9/2.

    I'd love to participate in the Book Blitz!

    Will you have excerpts to include? Or an "About the Author" section?

    Also, what are your thoughts on a Giveaway of an eBook of The Secret Star? I think you'll get a lot more people interested if they have a chance to win your book for free :)

    And do you have a links to The Secret Star on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc.? I like to include links of where readers can buy the book!

    My blog can be found at:

    I can send you a link to the post as the time nears!

    1. My Blitz organiser Jazmen has a lot of the details so you can sign up to be involved with The Secret Star with her at : thebookkeeper85 [@] gmail [.] com
      And there will be a giveaway definitely!

      If you want to do anything special with me for your blog as in an interview or extract post I'd be happy to talk more! You can get me at finn.kimberley4 [@] gmail [.] com